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Haynes 242


Haynes 242 alloy offers excellent high-temperature strength, low thermal expansion characteristics, and good oxidation resistance. HAYNES® 242® alloy (UNS N10242) is an age-hardenable nickel-molybdenum chromium alloy which derives its strength from a long-range ordering reaction upon aging. It has tensile and creep strength properties up to 1300°F (705°C) which are as much as double those for solid solution strengthened alloys, but with high ductility in the aged condition. The thermal expansion characteristics of 242® alloy are much lower than those for most other alloys, and it has very good oxidation resistance up to 1500°F (815°C). Other attractive features include excellent low cycle fatigue properties, very good thermal stability, and resistance to high-temperature fluorine and fluoride environments.



BAR: ASTM-B-573, PS-6085-4 CLASS A

Haynes 2420.312 DIA X 135-159" RL
7.9248MM DIA
273 LBS
124 KG
Haynes 2420.312 DIA X 47-153" RL
7.9248MM DIA
251 LBS
114 KG
Haynes 2420.375 DIA X 128-167"RL+48
9.525MM DIA
337 LBS
153 KG
Haynes 2420.750 DIA X 64-142 RL
19.05MM DIA
457 LBS
207 KG
Haynes 2421.010 DIA X 103-114"RL+23
25.654MM DIA
318 LBS
144 KG
Haynes 242 - DUE DATE: 09-15-201.010 DIA X 144 RL
25.654MM DIA
360 LBS
163 KG