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Alloy 13-8/H1000 CONDITION


PH 13-8 Mo* stainless is a martensitic precipitation/age-hardening stainless steel capable of high strength and hardness along with good levels of resistance to both general corrosion and stress-corrosion cracking. In addition, the alloy exhibits good ductility and toughness in large sections in both the longitudinal and transverse directions. The excellent properties of PH 13-8 Mo stainless are obtained through close control of chemical composition and microstructure plus specialized melting which reduces impurities and minimizes segregation. Compared to other ferrous-based materials, this alloy offers a high level of useful mechanical properties under severe environmental conditions.

13-8 Mo stainless has good fabrication characteristics and can be age-hardened by a single low temperature treatment. Cold work prior to aging increases the aging, especially for lower aging tempratures.

13-8 Mo stainless has been used for valve parts, fittings, cold-headed and machined fasteners, shafts, landing gear parts, pins, lockwashers, aircraft components, nuclear reactor components and petrochemical applications requiring resistance to stress-corrosion cracking. Generally, this alloy should be considered where high strength, toughness, corrosion resistance, and resistance to stress-corrosion cracking are required in a steel showing minimal directionality in properties.

*PH 13-8 Mo stainless is a registered trademark of Armco Inc.


UNS-S-13800 WNR 1.4534

BAR: AMS 5629/H1000, ASTM-A-564(XM-13), ASME-SA-564 ST0160LB0013, HMS 6-1105, DMS 2100

Alloy 13-8/H1000 CONDITION1.010 DIA X 117-157" RL
25.654MM DIA
2055 LBS
932 KG
Alloy 13-8/H1000 CONDITION1.510 DIA X 120-157.5" RL
38.354MM DIA
1909 LBS
866 KG
Alloy 13-8/H1000 CONDITION2.010 DIA X 101-153" RL
51.054MM DIA
1683 LBS
763 KG
Alloy 13-8/H1000 CONDITION2.010 DIA X 137-145"RL+ 57
51.054MM DIA
432 LBS
196 KG
Alloy 13-8/H1000 CONDITION2.510 DIA X 125-164" RL
63.754MM DIA
2079 LBS
943 KG
Alloy 13-8/H1000 CONDITION3.020 DIA X 95-157" RL
76.708MM DIA
2147 LBS
974 KG